Talk | Aura

Welcome! What is AURA and what happens here?


Aura is the best way to use Gmail on your Mac. I was unhappy with everything out there, so I set out to make something that I’d be pleased to use.

Aura is built around three principles:


Your email should be fast, and Aura aims to be the fastest email experience on the Mac. Gmail (the web client) seems to get slower and slower with each update, to the point where I now have to wait over 10 seconds for my inbox to appear on my laptop.

Aura tries to get faster and faster with each release. Many other email clients are built with Electron, a bloated and slow way of building apps that wraps the full Chrome browser and dumps it in a window. This will happy swallow GBs of memory and slow your desktop to a crawl. Aura is different, it’s native, it’s fast and it’s light.


Aura will never sell your data, never snoop on what you’re doing and only ever uses the minimum possible data to function. All data is stored on your Mac and it only communicates directly between your Mac and Google’s servers, no third party servers ever see the contents of your messages.

In fact, I want Aura to go above and beyond and actively defend your privacy. That means protecting you against invasive privacy practices like those from Superhuman, which uses tracking pixels to spy on you every time you open an email, and report where you opened it.

Mac First

The Mac deserves a better Gmail experience. Aura is first and foremost designed for the Mac and it’s built on top of all the technologies that make macOS great.

I’m using this forum to post updates, file bug reports, run beta tests and gather feedback. Please feel free to ask any questions or share any problems.