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Version 4 (10400, 21 February 2019)


For a brief overview of the main changes, see the blog post. This is a more detailed rundown of bug fixes and minor changes.

Major changes

  • new omnibox (or a “search for everything” box)
  • full compatibility with Mojave
  • swipe to archive, mark as read or delete
  • fuzzy text search (à la Sublime Text)
  • new logo. Goodbye to the spaceship
  • beautiful new dark mode
  • all new synchronisation engine. Huge improvements to partial and complete sync with Gmail and will auto catch up state when re-connecting from being offline.
  • new context menu for users without a trackpad. Supports actions on multiple rows.
  • batched network requests. Makes downloading message data from Gmail servers much faster
  • added support for smart categories

Minor changes and bugfixes

  • redrawn artwork for retina displays
  • authentication screen now appears in user system language
  • messages marked important
  • fixed an issue which could cause HTML entities to show in message text
  • improved error logging and crash reporting
  • upgraded to Swift 5
  • fixed an issue which sometimes prevented keyboard shortcuts from working
  • added support for delta application updates
  • window now appears/disappears instantly. Previous fade in/out was annoying
  • added two corner dragging to resize the main window
  • added support for background vibrancy effects in Mojave
  • added support for read/unread thread states
  • redesigned the status bar icon
  • added ability to automatically move binary to Applications folder
  • added support for dragging the status bar icon with the ⌘ key
  • added support for Gmail labels
  • added support for multiple recipients in a thread
  • fixed an issue which could cause message text to overrun the border
  • added different image assets for light and dark modes
  • fixed an issue which sometimes made the Preferences window double height
  • added support for thread counts
  • added a ‘Clear all’ button for notifications
  • fixed an issue which caused message stars to fade in
  • improved sleep/wake behavior and subsequent Gmail sync
  • fixed a bug which caused keychain passwords to have an incorrect date set
  • fixed a bug which prevented table rows from being deselected when sent to background
  • added support for keyboard shortcuts to open and delete
  • added a high performance fuzzy searching algorithm
  • added support for keyboard shortcuts and mouse selection in the autocomplete dropdown
  • added support for Mojave theme colors in message backgrounds and autocomplete dropdown
  • improved the color palette for multiple accounts
  • aded support for dynamic colors for labels and row dividers
  • added support for update and promotional categories from Gmail
  • added ability to clear recent searches from the preferences
  • fixed an issue which prevented labels from collapsing their width correctly
  • fixed a bug which occassionally prevented threads from opening in the default browser
  • improves speed of drawing fuzzy text matches in autocomplete dropdown
  • adds escape keyboard shortcut to return to new messages
  • fixes issue which sometimes caused messages to group under wrong mailbox (#36)
  • fixes issue which sometimes prevented labels from downloading (#38)
  • fixes an issue which drew the message background in the wrong color when out of focus
  • fixes an issue which caused the cursor to jump to the beginning in the search box (#18)
  • fixes an issue caused by a bug in beta versions of Mojave with table views (#92)
  • fixes an issue which prevented the first result from being automatically selected (#13)
  • fixes an issue which prevented distinguishing between enter and return on full size keyboards (#97)
  • fixed an issue that could cause accounts to shuffle their order (#85, #107, #138 and #139)
  • fixes an issue that prevented old notifications from being cleared (#185)
  • improves support for paginating through multiple pages of search results
  • improves support for switching between multiple spaces
  • fixes an issue that prevented the title text updating when using the context menu (#267)
  • improved implementation of LCS algorithm to update message rows
  • added native shadow and highlight colors for Mojave
  • fixes an issue that prevented account indicators from showing occasionally (#325)
  • resolves issues caused by the macOS application sandbox
  • adds dynamic border colors to the search box
  • improves shortcut recorder dark mode compatibility
  • fixes an issue that could cause keyboard events to be undetected (#338)

Thanks to all my testers and all the invaluable feedback you’ve given me.


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